Store. Organize. Edit. Share.

Bitbox is cloud storage you’ll love. Everything is highly visual, super easy to use, and our support for teams is best-in-class.

Now in beta!

Everything is visual.

Working is more enjoyable with beautiful tools, and the Bitbox interface really is a joy to use. Stunning previews, universal drag-and-drop, dynamic folder grids, and ridiculous speed are some of the things you’ll immediately notice.

Edit your files
with versions.

Bitbox isn’t just about storage. You can do advanced image editing right in the browser. Saving an image will generate a new version so that you’ll never have to lose the original. We are working on ways to edit other types of files.

in teams.

Every Bitbox user gets a free personal space, which is great for managing your own files, but the real magic happens when you create a team and invite your co-workers, family or band members to join it. And why stop at one team? Create or join as many as you want!

Works with your
favorite tools.

With Bitbox, your files are always just a few clicks away. Access them when authoring a blog post, writing an article, creating a web site, or uploading a profile picture. Our first integration is a plugin for Craft CMS, and we have several others in development.

No more headaches

Files scattered across devices, often with no backups, behind different interfaces that make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Does this sound familiar? By putting all your files in Bitbox they will become an asset, instead of being a source of headaches. They’re safe, easy to access and fun to browse and organize.

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Affordable pricing

Our pricing is simple and affordable. There are just two plans: one for personal accounts and one for team members. Both include lots of storage/traffic. If you need more, you pay a flat, reasonable usage fee for what you use. Please note that we are currently in beta, and prices may change when we have more data on usage patterns.

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  • 2GB free storage included
  • 3GB free transfer included
  • Go Pro to get 100GB Storage


  • $4.99 per user/month
  • 50GB included per user
  • Email and chat support