Frequently asked questions

Q: How secure are my files?

A: There are two components to this question: How securely are the files stored, and how safe are they from unauthorized access.

We store all files in Google Cloud Storage buckets, which are extremely durable and fault-tolerant. All data is transparently encrypted at the time of upload and decrypted when accessed.

In terms of access security, all files are available over the Internet using a secret, un-guessable URL. This is similar to how shares and other secret data are made available in other services. Anybody who has access to the secret URLs can access your files, but in practice this only happens if you choose to disclose the URLs. We feel that this scheme is a good compromise between ease-of-use, embeddability and security. We may offer an additional layer of security in the future.

Q: What is the canonical, persistent URL to one of my files?

A: Using the Embed buttons in Bitbox will give you the canonical URL. It starts with https://* You can find the Embed button by opening the details for a file, then pressing the icon in the top bar.

Avoid using the URLs starting with, except to download originals. These are URLs that have been resolved to the scheme used by our underlying storage provider, and may change at any time.

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Q: Can I download/upload folders?

A: We support folder upload in Chrome, and Firefox 50! Folder download are not yet supported, but are in development.

Q: How can I get my hands on that sweet Bitbox plugin for Craft CMS?

A: This plugin can be found on our Github page.